Introducing AdQuick Programmatic Direct: Unlocking New Avenues for DOOH Advertising

Introducing AdQuick Programmatic Direct: Unlocking New Avenues for DOOH Advertising

Today our team at AdQuick is excited to announce the launch of our latest offering: Programmatic Direct. This  solution is set to modernize the way advertisers access and utilize traditional inventory in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising.

So, what exactly is Programmatic Direct, and how will it transform your DOOH advertising strategies? Let's dive into the key features and benefits.

1. Direct access to traditional inventory

Programmatic Direct enables you to directly purchase traditional inventory from the Demand-Side Platform (DSP). This direct buying approach simplifies the process, giving you more control and flexibility in your DOOH advertising campaigns.

2. Request for proposals (RFP)

With AdQuick's Programmatic Direct, you can easily request proposals and explore available units. This streamlines your workflow, making it more efficient to discover and secure the perfect guaranteed DOOH advertising opportunities along with your programmatic bidding strategy for your brand all in one place.

3. Consolidated reporting

One of the standout advantages of Programmatic Direct is the ability to consolidate reporting across both direct and Real-Time Bidding (RTB) media buys. This unified reporting system provides you with a comprehensive view of your campaigns, facilitating better decision-making and optimization.

4. Enhanced visualization

To craft more impactful DOOH executions, AdQuick's Programmatic Direct lets you view RTB only, direct-sold only, and direct + RTB enabled screens all together on a map. This visual representation allows you to strategize your campaigns with precision, ensuring a more effective reach and engagement.

Addressing key challenges

AdQuick's Programmatic Direct doesn't just bring you advanced capabilities; it also addresses some critical challenges faced by advertisers in the DOOH space.

Problem 1: Limited Programmatic Access - many DOOH screens were not previously available programmatically through DSP user interfaces. Programmatic Direct opens up these avenues, giving you more options and flexibility.

Problem 2: Access to Guaranteed Inventory - not all publishers offer programmatic guaranteed deals. With Programmatic Direct, you can access more DOOH inventory on a guaranteed basis, ensuring a higher level of control and reliability.

  • Not every publisher offers Programmatic guaranteed deals.
  • Minimum spending requirements can be as high as $50,000, making it a challenge for smaller advertisers.
  • Rates for guaranteed deals are often prohibitively high.
  • Many clients request specific digital inventory for their campaigns.
  • Airport inventory is still in the process of being updated for programmatic access, which is a common request, especially among B2B clients.

AdQuick's Programmatic Direct is poised to empower advertisers with the tools they need to navigate the DOOH landscape efficiently and effectively.

Stay ahead of the game, harness the power of Programmatic Direct, and take your DOOH advertising to the next level. With AdQuick, the future of digital advertising is brighter than ever.

Learn more about AdQuick Programmatic DSP on our website here.