Nobody knows when shelter-in-place is going to end. That’s because the COVID-19 problem, at a global and societal level, is tough to solve.

What we do know is that the process will likely be gradual.

Policymakers are walking across a tightrope.

On the West Coast, politicians are figuring out next steps. Some smart people think the process could keep going into 2022.

It’s too early to think about the “new normal” because we’re all still figuring it out.

A lot of people are going through layoffs right now. It’s been tough on everyone in the advertising industry.

You might be wondering if you should switch to a new field. After all, two years of uncertainty is a long time.

Don’t give up

The layoffs aren’t your fault.

Every industry is hurting. The future is unpredictable. But there are some things that we know as truths.

Advertising is a timeless field. That means creative skills are timeless too.

The first billboard dates back to Ancient Egypt. Marketing is the art of building connections between humans. Connections are a part of our biology. That’s a big reason why shelter in place hurts so much.

Even though ad spend is temporarily down, the world has not entered a state of apocalypse. The infrastructure that the advertising industry has created is timeless. If you’re curious about how important billboards are to the American economy, take a look at this website.

As the economy opens up gradually, so will the importance of out of home advertising. AdQuick already tested what the power of out of home could be.

Our test shows that the demand for creative skills is going to surge. This trend reflects that the World Economic Forum forecasted several years ago that analytical and creative skills will be critical to the future.

Learn stuff the easy way

Over the next several weeks, the AdQuick team is going to send you tutorials to help build up your creative skills. That way, you can be prepared for what comes next, no matter what or when.

We know that your brains are tired. You’re not alone. People are under a lot of pressure right now. Shelter in place is hard on everyone. All of a sudden, everyone’s lives changed drastically. Nobody was prepared for it.

We get it. You have a lot of stuff to do. Even if you want to learn, it’s tough to motivate yourself to do it.

But learning doesn’t need to feel like hard work. It can be fun. Humans are hard-wired to be curious and seek intellectual pursuits. You can pick up interesting skills while quieting down the activity in your mind.

Start by listening

Get as comfortable as you can. Close your eyes if you want. Listen to the following:

After you listen to these podcasts, you may want to put some of your ideas into action. This roundup of 10 creativity exercises to train your artistic mind, can help.

That’s all for now

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