At AdQuick, we’re proud of the work we do everyday to connect people in the real world to the brands, causes, and social movements they care about. One example we’re particularly proud of is the Justice for Breonna Taylor crowdfund campaign, which recently received creative recognition from both the Muse Awards and the Chief Marketer PRO awards.

Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her home by Louisville police officers in March 2020 during the execution of a “no knock” warrant. Her senseless death sparked protests and demonstrations throughout the country to bring awareness to policing, racial injustice and excessive-force policies. But even with all this pressure, accountability from officials was slow.

This drove Loralei HoJay to create a petition through – the world’s largest petition platform – to start a campaign to shine a light on the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act with the goal to ban no-knock warrants on the federal level.
Inspired by her efforts and understanding the power of OOH advertising, AdQuick partnered with HoJay to raise money for strategic billboard placements in Louisville and Lexington. The goal was to keep Breonna a priority by ensuring government, business and law enforcement leaders saw the American people stood with Breonna and her family – and demanded change.

The crowdfund raised nearly $80,000. AdQuick created the artwork and provided 100+ billboard spaces calling for a nationwide ban on the discriminatory no-knock warrants that led to Breonna’s death. Within four weeks, the campaign made 28 million impressions. HoJay’s original petition collected the second-highest number of signatures in’s history, with 10 million signatures. In June 2020, Louisville’s metro council unanimously passed “Breonna’s Law” to ban no-knock search warrants.

AdQuick’s role in working to bring justice to Breonna is small, but we stand shoulder to shoulder with the millions who signed the petition, donated to the campaign and held elected officials accountable. And yet, our work isn’t done. HoJay has updated the Justice for Breonna Taylor petition with a call tool to make it easy to connect with offices of your state’s federal representatives and senators.

With gratitude,
The AdQuick Team